5 Simple SEO Tips & Tricks for 2017

Getting your website on first page of Google was easy before Google made many changes to their algorithm. In past people were able to rank website by adding some keywords in title and building links from directories and other paid sources.

Things have changed now. Google has become smarter. Getting website on top of your competition is becoming difficult now.

I have prepared list of SEO tips and tricks which may help you improve your SEO knowledge and solve problems you are facing.

I am assuming those who are reading this tips already knows fundamentals of SEO 

SEO is all about content

Content plays very important role in SEO. Gone are days when adding few keywords and building links used to get your website on first page on Google. Now things have changed, Google updated their algorithm to detect duplicate content, thin content and spammy content on website.

  • Always write original content about topics you are optimizing
  • Never copy content from internet.
  • If you are not good content writer, hire professionals who can do SEO friendly content writing for your website or a blog.
  • Having mix of images, video and text on website will help in ranking

Always focus on content quality and optimize your content for your target keywords and topics.

You don’t have to write 400 or 2000 words articles always to rank high on Google, well written short articles can also get your website on top.

Structure of your website

Your website structure is very important to rank in Google for competitive keywords and also for improving page views. Better the website structure, better will be ranking.
I have experienced that poor website structure can move your website below in SERP.

You can read more about website structure here on kissmetrics blog

Website loading speed

Website loading speed does impact on ranking of your website. I have seen that website with fast loading pages are ranking above websites having slow loading speed.

When you design your website, always consider this factor and make sure your website speed is as low as possible

You can find more about how to improve website speed on Google or contact your website developer to make it fast

If you are running a wordpress blog, make sure you choose theme which is fast. Choose good hosting company and also make sure you enable caching.

I have done experiment on this and I have seen improvement in ranking, reduction in bounce rate after making website faster.

Internal Linking of pages and posts

Website with better internal link structure ranks high on Google compared to websites with poor internal linking. As I mentioned above, you can design your internal linking as per topics and start linking relevant pages with relevant anchor text on your website or a blog.

You can try this and share your results in comment below

Mobile Friendly Website

Make your website responsive and mobile friendly, if your website is not mobile friendly then you will start losing your rank in Google.
You can get your mobile friendly website developed by professional companies at as low as Rs.9,000.00

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