Keyword Research Tips & Tricks

SEO is all about getting first page ranking in search results for specific search queries or specific keywords. First step to SEO is finding right keywords for your website or blog. If you want your website to appear in search result page, you will have to start with keyword research. I have seen many people fail at selecting right keyword for their website and they don’t get visibility and traffic.

Keyword research is process of selecting most suitable words and phrases which can bring relevant traffic to your website or blog. Keyword research starts with making list of potential keywords which people may be searching and then creating list of related keywords which you may use in your content. You may use keywords in page title, description, H1 tags and main content of your website or blog.
What is keyword research?

In this post I will share few tips which will help you in keyword research.

TIP #1 – Use keyword research tools for keywords idea.

Keyword research tools help you find related keywords based on your primary keyword. Many keyword research tools will also show you competition, search volume, difficulty and KEI.

Here is list of some popular keyword research tools which can help you do keyword study.

  • Google Keyword Planner (Free)
  • (Free)
  • Yoast suggest (Free)
  • wordstream (Paid)
  • Longtail pro (Paid)
  • webceo (Paid)
  • MOZ (Paid)

Tip #2 – Add geo targeted search terms

Geo targeting means adding location in your keywords. Here is one example: If you want to rank for hotels related keywords, you can try Hotels in Mumbai, budget hotels in delhi, 5 star hotels near mumbai.

Tip #3 – Repeat keyword research often

Keyword study or keyword research is not one-time job. You must keep making list of new keywords idea and use them in your content, title, description to get more traffic to your website or blog.

Tip #4 – Use Competition keywords idea

You can use paid SEO tools which will find keywords from your competition websites. You can use those keywords for your research and get more keywords idea for your website and improve your website ranking in search result.

Tip #5 – Use long tail and low competition keywords

Longtail means more longer keyword phrases. Longtails keywords are more specific keywords and have low competition. Here is example of longtail keyword “latest laptops under 20000 for students”.

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